You Can Handle This Much Control!

The revolutionary SPEED CONTROL ZIPLINE TROLLEYS give you complete control of your zipline ride! Perfect for thrill-seekers and sight-see'rs alike, now you can go as fast (or as slow) as you want while always facing forward, all with a very stable and secure 'bicycle' feel. Featuring the revolutionary, patent-pending, no-wear braking system...the first of its kind in the Zipline industry!


Saferzip's Sport Zipliner features a clean, lightweight design that fits on 3/8 lines. The Sport Zipliner is perfect for adults and kids, Experts and novices, speedsters and cruisers.


Saferzip's Pro Zipliner is made for serious commercial use and can easily handle 1/2" lines. The Pro Zipliner can be ordered with a brake lock...perfect for trimming lines.


Saferzip's Backyard Zipliner is great for the younger zipliners who are lucky enough to have their very own backyard zipline. The standard model is a jet plane, but we can also make custom designs! Sweet!


Saferzip's Zipline Seats provide the stability and comfort junior Zippers want. Perfect for kid’s ziplines that safely glide to ground level.


Everything you need to connect to any of Saferzip's Zip Line trolleys. Includes Harness, Lanyard and Carabiner.