The SaferZip Story

Once apon a time, there was a guy named Cal Runia who loved zip lining so much, he built 2 very long zip lines and 2 smaller zip lines for his kids on his beautiful forest property. Cal was very happy zipping above his beloved trees, but wasn’t so happy with the trolleys he was using. They just didn’t allow him to ability to go as fast or as slow as he wanted, or allow him to prune the branches that got in his way. He also was bummed by how often he had to buy and replace the brake pads that kept wearing out so fast.

One day, Cal had enough. He brainstormed everything he could think of that would make the best zipline trolley with the simplest, most efficient braking system. He thought back to his days growing up as a farm boy in Iowa and all the amazing, yet simple mechanical solutions needed to run a farm. And, countless sketches and prototypes later, Cal created the Speed Control Pro Zipliner! He enjoyed using it over and over, and ultimately decided that others may enjoy it, too!

SaferZip World Headquarters

Talk about a dream job! The SaferZip team literally walks out the factory doors to the test grounds…and zips (and hikes, bikes, quads and jogs to their heart’s desire!) There are also 2 mega-swings hanging from trees to ride! How awesome is that?

Meet the inventor, Cal Runia

Cal Runia got the zip lining bug 5 years ago after a dare from some friends on vacation. He turned his 25+ acre property near Newberg,Oregon into a zip line paradise, which includes quad trails and massive rope swings!

Cal’s primary career was a software developer for law firms. Now Cal enjoys doing what he loves with his wife (Teri) and 4 kiddos (Peter, Tia, Conner and Annika).

Another hobby of Cal’s is playing lead guitar in a popular NW band Thrillride.

Mounting your Saferzip Trolley